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Here’s some of what you’ll learn in the Save Money Without Sacrifice Online Course:

  • How to be your own detective and stop your money from disappearing right before your eyes
  • How to get off the paycheck to paycheck hamster wheel
  • How to quickly build a cash cushion for fun goals like travel, self-care, and time with friends
  • And much, much more.

I have some questions for you…

  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck (or worse)?
  • Do you compare yourself to others financially and feel you're not where you should be?
  • Do you question where your money goes each month?
  • Do you feel like you can't get out of your own way when it comes to planning your financial future for you and your family?
  • Do you feel you have to say "no" to fun experiences because you worry about the cost?
  • Do you and your spouse/significant other have a hard time communicating about money without getting into a heated argument?
  • Do you want a better lifestyle for you and your family?
young couple with debt problem

If you answered YES you’ve come to the right place—and you’re not alone. 

You see, even though I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Money Coach(CMC)® and Certified Success Principles™ Coach I’ve been through the same money challenges, concerns, milestones and successes my clients share with me. I get it - managing money is hard! We have an idea of what we should do with our money–(spend less than we earn and save for tomorrow)–money still is a emotional subject.   Which is why most people stick their head in the sand, avoiding the subject completely.

There's Hope

But since money will always be a part of your life, it’s time you actually learn how to use it and educate yourself about money management once and for all. Good money management is a skill that anyone can learn, regardless of where you are financially. I believe that with a basic understanding of personal finance, you can begin to change the trajectory of your financial life and start to live from a place of excitement and empowerment about your money. And that’s the exact reason why I created online Money Makeover Courses!

Make today the day you become financially savvy!  It is the highest form of self-care and self-love.  When you do your new empowered money mindset sounds like this… 

  • I know how to measure my own financial success every year, regardless of anyone's financial status.
  • I know what "true wealth" is for me and my family.  The things money can't buy and death won't take away.
  • I know with certainty where my money goes and have confidence I am making smart spending and saving decisions.
  • I am confident I have enough money to enjoy my ideal lifestyle and pay for the experiences I want to share with my loved ones.  
  • I am confident when I am ready, work will become optional and leisure, philanthropy and legacy affordable.
  • I am confident I am leading by example so the next generation of my family will always be self-sufficient, know how to respect money, have a solid work ethic and enjoy "true wealth".

What is the Save Money Without  Sacrifice Course All About?

The Save Money Without Sacrifice Course is a 5 day online home-study course, where I teach you some simple techniques to up your money management game. You can think of it as everything you need to know about making smart money decisions but were afraid to ask!

As a SMWS student, you’ll have access to the members-only website, where you can access the entire course curriculum–webinars for the five modules, worksheets, audio recordings and more. You’ll learn ...

  • How to create a new abundant money mindset
  • How to understand your cash flow so you can stop asking yourself "where does my money go"?
  • How the big companies trick you into impulse buys and how to beat them at their own game
  • How to spend money guilt free
  • How to build a cash cushion without feeling deprived
  • And much, much more!

And the best part is I teach it in a fun way.  Free of stress, judgement, blame or shame. 

As a bonus, you will have access to the private Save Money Without Sacrifice Facebook group to connect you to a community of like-minded individuals. This will be an area where you can support one another and celebrate each other’s successes along your financial journey.

How is the Save Money Without Sacrifice Course Delivered?

The Save Money Without Sacrifice Course is a webinar-based online course where all the goodies available to you are contained in a members-only website. When you enroll today, you’ll receive INSTANT access to the entire SMWS curriculum. No waiting for materials to arrive in the mail; no need to make your schedule even crazier by attending classes or workshops.

As soon as we process your payment, you’ll get immediate access to the Save Money Without Sacrifice curriculum on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-enabled device. How’s that for convenient!

Plus, every day for five days you’ll receive an email with your daily assignments to help ensure you complete the course material and make steady progress towards your financial goals. No more starting and not finishing.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll get...

Day 1

overview of common money leaks and my #1 pet peeve!
  • How to find the most common leaks in your wallet or bank account.
  • Ways to reduce or eliminate wasteful spending.
  • Tricks and tips to stop spending unconsciously.

Day 2

how to save money on your cell phone bill
  • How to ask for a better package.
  • What to do if your provider isn't cooperative.
  • Step by Step proven negotiating strategies to save you $$$!

Day 3

Hidden fees
  • How and where to find hidden fees that you probably forgot about.
  • How to evaluate what should go or stay.
  • Track your savings!

Day 4

  • Money saving hacks you need to evaluate.
  • How to be your own "Money Detective".

Day 5

take advantage of those perks!
  • Understand all the perks and benefits of the organizations you join.
  • Where to find the information you need to save money.
  • Why it's important to be a smart consumer
  • Wrap up and final thoughts.

Plus your very own private Facebook group for building a community of like-minded women that want to improve the way they manage money.


Your time is now to create the financial future and lifestyle of your dreams. You’re ready and you know it.  After all, you found this site for a reason!

You Don’t Have to Figure This Out On Your Own. I Am Here To Help You Save Money Without Sacrifice And Look Forward To Helping You Create Your Big, Bold Life!